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Make Retirement Work

Financial and retirement planning guidance for residents of Nebraska and beyond! You’ll learn about risk, investments, 401(k)s, IRAs, rollover strategies, how to find the right advisor, Social Security and many more topics.

Your host is Marc Werkmeister, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with Professional Financial Advisors. They have offices in North Platte, Scottsbluff, Kearney, Lincoln, and Grand Island.

Visit for more episodes and information about how Marc can help you plan for retirement. You can also call 855-202-WORK (9675).

Jun 10, 2021

Common sense is actually quite uncommon, especially when it comes to financial planning. Here are some common sense money approaches you need to know.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

1:43 – Buy low, sell high

5:36 – Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to

8:47 – Keep costs low

11:11 – Don’t put eggs in one basket

14:06 – Marketing timing